The SOTA Products

  • Silver Pulser

    The SOTA Silver Pulser has two functions. One function, Micropulsing, is designed to support the body's natural electrical system.

    The other function of the Silver Pulser makes a Silver Solution—one of nature's germ fighters.

  • Magnetic Pulser

    The SOTA Magnetic Pulser offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body's natural electricity for health. The pulsed magnetic field is designed to create a flow of electrons or microcurrents wherever it is used on the body.

  • Water Ozonator

    The SOTA Water Ozonator is designed to freshly add ozone to drinking water … in order to increase the oxygen content of the water and to enjoy the fresh taste of ozonated water.

  • Bio Tuner

    The SOTA Bio Tuner is an easy-to-use relaxation product to relieve stress.

    The Bio Tuner is designed to create a broad range of harmonic frequencies that help the body relax, promote health and enhance well-being.

  • Light Works

    The SOTA LightWorks offers the benefits of both light and a choice of frequencies to provide more energy as well as health and well-being. Using the modern technology of LED light, a Hand Paddle with Red LEDs and Near Infrared (NIR)LEDs is included.

  • YumaLite

    The SOTA YumaLite offers the health benefits of White and Red LED light which is applied gently to the eyes by wearing an easy-to-use visor. The light helps balance the effects many feel during times when there is decreased exposure to natural sunlight, as well as helping to balance over-exposure to blue light from cell phone and computer screens. YumaLite is a simple and convenient way to bring light into your life — Your Very Own Personal Sunshine.

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